Cyber Scotland Week – Blog

This year the Scottish Government and ScotlandIS, with key partners from across Scotland, will launch a new initiative, Cyber Scotland Week (22nd April – 28th April 2019). 

A host of events will showcase the exceptional innovation taking place in the sector, while raising awareness of good cyber resilience practice and promoting a career within the industry. Cyber Scotland Week will bring together influencers, experts and the next generation of talent to explore and learn about the potential rewards and challenges in this fast-changing threat landscape.

Events taking part during Cyber Scotland Week include:

·         The UK Government’s flagship cyber event, CYBERUK 2019, will bring leading international cyber intelligence and security experts together and provide a platform for business leaders to learn how to protect and secure their organisations’ information, finances and reputation;

·         A cyber-themed event for 500 school children at the Glasgow Science Centre offering three floors of interactive exhibits, hands on workshops, including a Cryptography and DIY Gamer workshop, with opportunities to ‘meet the expert’ and learn about cyber career paths and opportunities;    

·         The Big Data Show, an interactive and fun piece of theatre that helps young people to see for themselves how criminals can hack their devices and steal personal data, performed in Glasgow and elsewhere;

·         LEAD Scotland will be hosting a cyber resilience workshop for people with disabilities, carers and volunteers with the aim of encouraging those who attend to pass their learning on to others;

·         ‘Cyber Security for the SME’, an event hosted by the Perth College, University of the Highland and Islands, will provide an overview of the cyber risks associated with doing business in the modern landscape, and the approaches that can be employed to prepare and respond to incidents should they happen;