The Big Data Show

The Big Data Show is an interactive performance for young people, teachers and families about cyber security. It is about who knows what about you, what you are ‘agreeing’ to when you download an app and how to live with the challenges of social media. It is a show that happens as much through the audience’s own mobile phones as through live performance. It is inspiring the cyber security conscious public and professionals of tomorrow. 

The Big Data Show toured schools in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth with enormous success in the Autumn of 2018. 

Pupils “became much more aware of the amount of data gathering going on in the background without them giving explicit permission and this was a shock to them.” Mrs Hollas. Drama Teacher. Perth Academy.  

The Big Data Show took young people through a powerful process of experiential learning. The ‘shock factor’ created by the show encouraged young people to critically reflect on the data they are sharing with tech companies and the potential personal consequences.  

When Wednesday 24th – Friday 26th April 2019

Where Various locations across Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire.

Schools have been contacted directly to organise shows.