Cyber Centurions – Cyber Resilience & Internet Safety Campaign, Tuesday 18th, Online

The Cyber Centurions from Kyle Academy in Ayr, South Ayrshire have worked in partnership with the Princes Trust & DYW Ayrshire over the past 3 years to engage with the local community & businesses through delivering tailored Cyber Resilience & Internet Safety sessions and workshops to interested businesses, schools or community groups.

In order to promote the benefits of the Cyber Centurion program and to encourage more young people to become involved in Cyber Security we have created a promotional video with the help of the Princes Trust. The video will demonstrate the benefits of the Cyber Centurions based on experiences from pupils who are involved with the program.

The video will go live on the Princes Trust Scotland’s social media during Cyber Scotland Week including, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

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