Phishing – Don’t Get Reeled In, Thursday 20th, Edinburgh

Everywhere we go one common threat which keeps putting users in danger is phishing emails, and how people react to them. It is late on Friday, you want to get out the door, an email comes in from the boss asking you to check something before you go, you click on it – you are now compromised.

In this talk we will consider how to identify some of the common characteristics of a phishing email, some of the latest trends and developments in the world of phishing, and some simple basic steps everyone can take to limit the damage if you do click on one by mistake.

George Robertson is the Principal Security Consultant for CGI in Scotland. He has worked in cyber security in a variety of industry sectors including financial, public, education and internet providers. He is currently providing CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) level services to clients of CGI advising them on security strategy and improvements against a risk based analysis. He has a range of qualifications including CISM ( Certified Information Security Manger) and CITP (Chartered IT Professional), as well as being one of the Directors at the Scottish Society of Computers and Law. 

At CGI, we are known as trusted advisers and innovators who deliver on our clients’ largest and most complex projects. We are one of the few firms with the scale, reach and capabilities to help clients meet the ever-evolving digital expectations of their customers and citizens.

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